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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It Has Arrived!!!! But I'm not Cheering Yet

Apparently, in order to receive your Immigration documents, you must write an alarmingly bad blues song. Because 12 short hours later, to what should my bleary eyes appear but the holy, elusive, golden ticket. It was as if the forces that be were screaming "OK OK, if we send it will you make her stop???"

But before I pull out my almost-34-year-old back doing cartwheels, I am afraid that this piece of paper may be worthless. My middle name, which is my maiden name, is listed as hyphenated with my married name. I checked the I-600A to see if I was smoking something funny when I filled it out. No, I did it as I always do. Maiden name written clearly in the "middle name" section. But, it's here on the 797-C, staring me in the face, "Cora Maiden-Married".

I tried to keep the tone of my hurriedly written email to the agency absent of desperation. If it needs to be re-issued, one can only hope that I'll get right in front of the line again. Right? Right??

We'll see what the agency says tomorrow morning. Thank God they check their email as obsessively as I do!


  • Let me know what happens, I found your site a week ago, we're with La Vida too.

    By Blogger PandG, at 10:30 AM  

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