June Makes Three

Saturday, April 01, 2006

What Have I Done??

I just accidentally signed up for boot camp.

It all started innocently enough. Lately I've been bored and lonely. Mike has been working very long hours and I haven't had a whole lot happening with the adoption. My candle biz is quiet as candle season is over for a while. We had been going to a little gym 'round the corner, but it hasn't been holding my interest with its dozen machines. I needed a change.

So I decided to join the YMCA instead. Maybe I could find some volunteer opportunities there, get a better workout, maybe even take some classes. Today, after my workout and as I wandered around getting to know the place, I found a flyer for Dr. Drill Instructor. I asked the girl at the desk about it, who said he's terrific but space is limited so I should sign up right away for the seminar on April 22nd. Sign up I did... and then proceeded to read the brochure in the car.

Turns out, the seminar is just the fitness assessment. It is actually a 5-week "fitness platoon" taught by an ex-Marine turned chiropractor. It's 3 days a week at 5:30am. Or should I say 0530. The way it reads, missing or being late to classes is not an option. It is all or nothing.

I've decided to make the commitment. I mean, I was bored, wasn't I? I can't keep up this dysfunctional relationship with the mailbox. And, I want to get back into shape. A good swift kick in the arse might be just what I need.

Next Friday is my 34th birthday and so Mike has offered to pay the entry fee as my present. I am somewhere between excited and terrified.

This is for you, June!


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