June Makes Three

Thursday, March 30, 2006

OK... maybe not ANY DAY now

Immigration approval still not here. I have a love-hate relationship with the mailbox right now. Every day around 5:20pm, when I'm pulling into our development, my stomach does the loop-the-loop. Could this be the day?!? I try so hard to contain my excitement when I slide the key into the box, but really, I'm not ashamed to say my hands are literally shaking. A moment later, after I've sifted through the cable bill, penny pincher magazine, and pre-approved credit card offers (funny how easy THOSE approvals seem to be to get), my DTC dreams are dashed a la Lisa Tucker.

People ask me "how's the wait?" I say "it's like the wind... it blows."

I'm trying to be positive though. A very good friend told me today she's pregnant. I can't say who she is as the knowledge isn't yet for public consumption and I'm very honored to be in on the good news so early! She'll be having her baby in the winter. Very very cool.

Yes, for those who are wondering, I am a tweensy bit jealous. I'm man enough to admit it. But, I'm still extremely happy for her. And it's not a race to parenthood. One day our munchkins will be bickering over toy ownership while we rub our tired eyes and laugh together, her morning sickness and my interminable wait long forgotten.


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