June Makes Three

Friday, March 03, 2006

Over the Homestudy Hurdle!

We got our letter from the agency today: homestudy is officially completed! We celebrated by going to the mall without spending any money. :-) And I was definitely more cheery as I noticed the other parents strolling around with bundled-up babies and older kids ogling toy store windows.

Next step: the agency is sending the report off to Immigration and the clock officially begins to tick for the 171-H. I had a brief conversation with our coordinator yesterday who said that in Philly it is actually a different document. I can’t remember what she said it is, though. 797-C? My feeble thirty-something mind fails me.

No matter. Whatever form the golden ticket comes in, we’ll be anxiously awaiting its arrival! Could be weeks, could be months. Here’s hoping we get it before the next American Idol is crowned (my shameless guilty pleasure.. Go Katharine!!!).


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