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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oscar Fever!

It’s almost Oscar time. A very exciting time in our household! Mike is what you’d call a film buff. An avid film buff. Rabid, even. He writes reviews for a very small local paper, tearing the pages open each Wednesday to see if they printed his stuff word-for-word. If plans to go to a highly anticipated movie run aground, there is hell to pay. The man loves his movies: indies, sweeping epics, foreign films, the occasional tear-jerker. And I have to admit, even my tastes are a little more discriminating now due to his influence (sorry Queen Latifah). And he has an alarming depth of knowledge of Oscar trivia. This year he dropped out of the office pool “just to give the other guys a chance.”

Occasionally we’ll be driving along somewhere and I’ll try to hit him with a curve ball out of nowhere.

Me: Who won best actress in 1978?

Him: Jane Fonda, of course.

Me: Best screenplay, 1992?

Him: Original or adapted?

(Original: The Crying Game, Adapted: Howard’s End)

Then I’ll try to really get him with movies from before his time.

Me: Best Actor, 1950? Come on, you can’t know this.

Him: George Sanders, in All About Eve. Duh.

It’s a sickness, I’m telling you.

Anyway, as the Oscars near, and as Mike readies himself with predictions while I ready myself to (hopefully) snicker over whatever Jon Stewart throws down, my thoughts turn to our own future movie-making, when June finally joins us. Certainly we’ll want one of those Gotcha Day videos made, much like the ones I find myself watching over and over on the days it feels like our adoption might never happen. Will we outsource the work like our wedding video, or should I try my hand at Windows Movie Maker and see what happens? Maybe even invest in some fancy-pants software and really pull together a video worthy of a few tears, some downloads on the net, and critical praise from my hubby?

We have a long, long way to go before we’ll even have footage of our little star, so I’ve got some time to ponder.


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