June Makes Three

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Immigration Blues

This is what happens when you've got too much time on your hands and have already read everyone else's blogs for the day. You write what could possibly be The Worst Blues Song Ever.

You've been warned.

Immigration Blues

I’ve been sittin’ here, waitin’ for my 171

I said I’m sittin here waitin’… waitin’ for that 171

It’s been four weeks, three days and six hours,

And you still haven’t come along

Mister mailman, when you gonna bring it to me?

Oh mister mailman, I don’t need another magazine

Just bring me that ticket, all I want is that ticket

To bring me closer to my baby…

I ain’t been messin’ around, been so good with the things to do

I went to the classes, the doc and the notary too

But now I’m waitin’, waitin’ here for you

I got the Immigration Blues

(Harmonica solo)

Now look here mister mailmain, I can’t wait another day

Don’t drop off the bills and then just walk away

My heart can’t take it, no it just can’t take it

Bring me my 171, I say bring it today


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