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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Referral Rumors? Say It Ain't So

The rumor mill round the adoption boards has been pretty busy lately. Some say their agencies tell them to kick back and expect 12-13 months from LID to referral. (Kick the wall, more like) Others say the folks in Spain know more than we do and the next batch will include up to early June '05 LIDs, which is about 9 months. Who knows? Dare I speculate and feed the rumors further? American Idol is on soon, and there's nothing I can do to prod CCAA, so I'd better stick to what I know about singing and guess who's getting cut, once we're down to the 24 contenders...

I never mentioned what we thought of The Last Emperor. It was very good, up till the DVD player pooped out. Someday we'll rent it again, but in general we really liked it. I hope to add a movie/book review section later specific to China. :-)

One more note about the adoption before I sign off, though: we got a note from our agency yesterday that all dossier documents minus the homestudy report and I-171H have passed critical review and have been sent off for certification and authentication! That bodes well for us since the C&A fees are non-refundable and I don't think they'd take this crucial step if we weren't to pass the homestudy. The report should be in next week, which brings us ever closer to the I-171H and my three current favorite letters: DTC!!!


  • Congrats on making it through the first few steps of the adoption process. My husband and I have just begun considering our adoption alternatives. I enjoyed your blog entries -- keep it up!

    By Blogger Dana, at 5:27 PM  

  • Congratulations, it's nice to see people make head way in the paper war. I was perusing blogs and your being from Philadelphia caught my eye. My daughter is currently attending school there, it is a wonderful city. We too, are waist deep in adoption paperwork, however ours is headed for Korea. Hopefully things will continue to go full speed ahead for you all. Best wishes, I'll look forward to reading about your progress.

    By Blogger k, at 10:21 AM  

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