June Makes Three

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Early Valentine's Present!

Thanks to the nice people who cheered me up after my last post - as I learn more and accept more about the realities of life in China, children in need of homes, etc., I know that we can't fix all the problems. I am glad though to have a better understanding of things and know that we'll appreciate our little girl all the more!

Mike gave me this pendant. (Translation: I found it online, ordered it, showed him a picture, and told him he's off the hook for Valentine's Day if this can be my present. Thanks honey!) I found it on Chinasprout.com - the translation is "born in my heart". I love it! It is sterling silver so I'm not sure how well it will hold up, so I might have it dipped in rhodium from time to time.

I look forward to wearing this for the next year (or till whenever we go to China)... I think it'll help with those days when it feels like time is moving too slowly... and help me remember that it is all worth it. There are some other very pretty pendants, one of which translates to "forever family". I may "ask" for that for NEXT Valentine's Day and when we come home as a family, that one can be worn too. And if this first pendant really does hold up, I hope to put it aside and give to June when she is older.

In other news, we finished our homestudy visits last weekend, and shipped off the last of our dossier docs to our agency. Now we await homestudy approval and the countdown to the 171-H. I occasionally stare at the calendar trying to predict how long it will be till we receive it, then add on the 4-6 weeks for certifying and authentication, but honestly it's anyone's guess as to when we'll be DTC.

Big snow headed for Philly tonight. We're staying in and renting The Last Emperor. Review coming soon!


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