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Sunday, January 29, 2006

1st Homestudy Visit Down... 1 to Go

Our social worker from our agency came for the first home study visit today. Why was I so nervous? It really was nothing to worry about. She was very easygoing and didn't throw any questions out that we felt unprepared to answer. Mostly stuff about our relationship, our views on parenting, our experiences with kids, etc. We'd talked a lot about this already, so really it was no sweat. She'll be back next Sunday and then it's out of our hands!

In thinking more about Meg Ryan's adoption, I should probably amend what I said in an earlier post about it being the rage to adopt... which was said tongue in cheek of course but now that I've read a fairly offensive article in Parade magazine, I realize I shouldn't even joke about it.

Walter Scott of Parade replied to a question from a reader about why Brad & Angelina have adopted children from overseas, basically saying that it is the "fashionable" thing to do, and later saying "they are expecting their own, of course". Offensive and tacky to suggest that these children are accessories, and not their own. The comments from readers are streaming in. I hope that nobody took offense to what I said about Meg Ryan - I am just thrilled that adoptions from abroad are getting exposure through celebrities and that it will encourage people who might have been afraid to take the journey. The sad thing is that crappy press like this undermines the power adoption has to change many lives (parents and children alike) for the better.

It doesn't matter if the baby is from Nepal or Nebraska. All adoptive parents have the right to follow their hearts to the children they were meant to be united with, no matter where the path takes them.

In other, very exciting news, our good friends Mel and Sean are expecting a special delivery on Tuesday! Last I heard, she is being induced so hopefully all will go smoothly and easily... and the little bambina will hurry her way out and introduce herself! We are getting fingerprinted on Wednesday near the hospital where she is delivering so we hope to stop by and meet her. Stay tuned.


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