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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fun with Fingerprints

We're officially fingerprinted. A completely painless process. I highly recommend anyone in the Philly area to go on a weekday and arrive when they open. It was well worth taking a day off! We stood in line for about 20 minutes tops.

Don't know where I've been lately but I fully expected to walk away with ink-laden fingers. Maybe if I watched a little more police drama I'd know that they douse your fingertips in water (or some kind of clear watery substance) and then press your fingers onto a piece of glass. They roll your fingers from side to side and the image is captured electronically. Nifty.

We were out of there by 9AM with a whole day ahead. After a brief visit to one of my work clients and a hearty congratulations call to Mel and Sean on the birth of their beautiful daughter Lindsey (born 1/31 at 5lbs 4oz - more details and links to Lindseyland when her dad has time to post them!), we found ourselves with a rare commodity: a completely free day. Since we were only a few blocks from Chinatown, we took a walk through. As we perused the craft shops and grocery stores, I found myself catching glances at a few of the locals, wondering how they had made their way to the US. Would June share common ancestors with anyone here who might be from the same province? Would she look much the lady who sold me rice cakes, when she is that age? I find myself wanting to learn more and more about the culture so we can truly understand her heritage.

More on the rice cakes:
I've never seen these before. The bag says you soak them overnight like beans and then either simmer, roast or fry them, sweetened with sugar or cooked with veggies or spices. I'm thinking they could be pretty tasty but if cooked wrong, just soggy and gross. We'll see if I can pull it off when I try them out.

Final doctor visits for the dossier this week, followed by a final trip to the notary this weekend, and we'll be 90% finished with the paperchase! Hurrah!! Now if only those wait times would go down...


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