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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I600-A Sent!

After 6 hours of filling in paperwork, a brief argument with a notary, an altercation with a copy machine at Staples, and more visits to 7-11 for money orders than I thought I'd ever make in a week, we are finally sending off our first real batch of paperwork. La Vida is getting everything (the I-600A, accompanying docs, power of attorney, the uncomfortably long waiver and an uncomfortably large check) and they will file for us.

I also am sending back my passport to change to my married name, which I never got around to before. Had to send one of the only 2 copies of the marriage license, but they swear I'll get it back again. I ordered a bunch more from the courthouse anyway since I need them for the homestudy and dossier and am paranoid.

Word about the adoption has spread at work and it has been so nice to hear people ask about it. One of the ladies said "we will all be here for you". I'm sure there will be some tough days ahead and it's nice to know you've got support.

Next on our list is to write the dreaded autobiographies. For someone who loves talking about herself, you would think I could fire this off in an afternoon but it is much harder than I expected. We each need to complete this, along with getting to the doctor to have her sign off that we're going to live for a reasonable amount of time and reasonably be able to care for our baby. Then there is another pile of papers more or less completed that we need to assemble with said autobiography and doctor notes for the next shipment to La Vida for the homestudy. Self imposed due date: January 31st.

Knowing that we are this much closer to the reality of becoming parents has given us tons of motivation to eat better and exercise more. Like many others in our shoes, we want to be able to climb The Great Wall, and greet our child in the best shape possible. For added motivation, we are now glued to The Biggest Loser. Does anyone else love this show as much as I do???


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