June Makes Three

Monday, December 26, 2005

Trying on the names "Nana, Grandpop and Grandmom"

Well, we have officially made the adoption announcement to our families. I wrote a little speech, which I read to my mom, sister and brother-in-law, and Mike's parents on Christmas Eve. We weren't sure how they would react... after all, the idea of adoption from China had become a regular part of our thoughts and discussions, but it was brand new to them - and we were ready for shock and maybe even a little disappointment that we're not going the old-fashioned way.

Shocked, I think they were... but the outpouring of joy, love and support was more than we could have hoped for! Lots of tears when we revealed her name, and I think that moment has bonded our families forever. For the rest of the night, you could hear the name "June" being spoken periodically... along with discussions like "I think I want to be called 'Nanny... but maybe I like Nana better!" Grandparent names were quickly snatched up, followed by a tidal wave of baby-related topics that had been pent up for years. Meeting at the airport after our arrival back, crib selections, babysitting schedules. Whoa, Nellie! We should probably get our homestudy approved before we start picking out patterns, you think?? But, we feel strongly that all will end well with little June in our arms, and feel there is no harm in letting our parents daydream the way we have for many weeks now. The more the merrier.

Tomorrow we hand in the application to La Vida... hopefully next week we will begin the formal process!


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