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Friday, December 16, 2005

Saying goodbye

Mike's grandfather passed away this week. It was a sad day for the whole family, but not altogether unexpected. Pop Pop was 86 and lived a long, interesting life. As we've been spending some extra time with family, we keep hearing more stories - the kind people don't think to share under normal circumstances but now are reminded of little things that paint more of a picture of his life. One nice thing that the funeral director is doing is asking everyone who attends the funeral to write a note about their favorite memory of Pop Pop. These will all eventually be sent to the family. Too quickly I think we forget some of these stories, so it will be nice to preserve them.

I've been invited to sing at the service tomorrow. I need to brush up a little bit, but am very honored that they've asked me to be a part of this. Will do my best.

Over the past week we have kind of wished that Mike's parents knew about the adoption plans, that it might cheer them up a little bit to know that even though one generation of the family has gone, another one will be coming soon. But we agree that hearing the news on Christmas morning will probably make for a brighter holiday for them. We've written a little speech. I'll try to remember to post it after we share it with them.


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