June Makes Three

Sunday, December 03, 2006

NYC Get Together!

Yesterday we got together with our new waiting-parent pals - that's Mike and me, Bob and Tracy and Jen and Matt. For anyone in the Northeast who is interested, this little get-together was organized on Soul of Adoption, and there will be future messages about getting together for Chinese New Year. We met up in Little Italy for lunch and quickly learned that the experiences we've had during the paperchase, the wait, etc. have been SO similar. I for one am really happy to have been able to meet others with LID dates so close to ours - we have all had such similar experiences over the past year. We promised that next year we'll get together again with either referral photos firmly in hand, or babies snug in our laps!

Referrals were mailed this past week, and somehow some 9/14/05 LIDS got theirs although others were skipped. Nobody knows why, and it's perplexing to hear about families being skipped. Hopefully this will be resolved soon... and progress is progress so I can't complain too much. We are inching closer and closer!


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