June Makes Three

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Puppy Love

We've fallen hook line and sinker for Sophie. It's hard to believe she's only been here six days! She already feels like she's been with us forever.

I think she might be good practice for June. A poodle pup is no toddler, but she sure is a lot of work. (It took me almost an hour to post this.) We've been working hard at trying to housetrain her (hit and miss all week) and we have to take turns watching her like a hawk. She doesn't really know how to entertain herself yet so we're trying to keep her busy with the deluge of toys that have found their way into our living room.

It's great to have a little bundle to give all our love to. Her "grandparents" are also excited, offering to puppysit and stopping by with toys and treats. I think the family needed her as much as she needed us! Who knows when June is coming, she feels very very far away right now (current wait time: 14.5 months and rising steadily). Sophie has come at the perfect time to soak up all the attention she deserves as a puppy, and be here to welcome June when it's her turn to arrive. Whenever that is!!!


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