June Makes Three

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sophie Makes Four!

Talk about a fast track adoption! This is Sophie. She is a 4 month old miniature poodle. We had been talking for ages about bringing a pup into the house, (well, I had been talking, Mike had been hemming and hawing). We have a good year yet till June's referral (hopefully less but we're trying to be realistic) and so finally we agreed that this would be a good time to go for it.

For the last few days, we have been talking to other dog owners and trying to make up our minds about which breed would be best for our allergies... and we agreed on a poodle. We started researching breeders and rescue organizations. And then this morning, we decided to stop at the mall just to look at them, just for fun, not planning to buy.

We got to the mall just before the stores started opening and noticed a mom and daughter waiting with a light brown poodle pup. So we chatted with them a few mins and learned that they had to return the dog (they called her Ginger, so that'll be her middle name - yes she gets a middle name) because their own dog was snipping at her and clearly did not want to share his home with another. When we told them that we were actually looking for a poodle, they handed her over to us for a look and we fell hook line and sinker for this gorgeous girl.

They assured us that she was in good health, had a great temperament, and were it not for their little master of the house at home, they wouldn't have been returning her. Everyone seemed to be struck with a "right place at the right time" feeling and without even stepping into the store, we made our arrangements for them to sell her to us, and an hour later, we went to their house to officially get her. We are so happy that it worked out the way it did and I think her first family feels pretty good about it too.

And now she is home and bouncing about. We made an appt for the groomer next week, and need to find a vet. And of course we can't wait to take her to Petsmart to pick out some toys!

We love her to pieces!!!


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