June Makes Three

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sophie's Choice

Five weeks in (how time flies when you are chasing a semi-housetrained dog around with poopy bags, bribery treats, and Good Owners, Great Dogs in your hand, and yet the wait for June feels like the clock has literally stopped) and Sophie's still the cutest ever. She's a fickle one, though. Whenever Mike leaves the house, she goes into full whining mode. He says she does the same thing when I leave too, but I don't know about that. I'm more the disciplinarian so she probably breathes a sigh of relief, finally getting a break from hearing me squawk "Off! Go potty! No bite!" Daddy's much more fun. Really, though, she's a good doggie in general. I try to remember that one day we'll miss her puppy days, exhausting as they are.

Anywho, congrats to the Salsa in China peeps on their adoption. Proof that while it feels like forfreakingever, it DOES happen! Could those girls be cuter? I think I'll just sit and sigh a while...


  • Hi, I came across your blog from waitingformia blog! You have a great blog and congratulations on your new arrival. Doggies always make things better. We have a 12 year old Scottie and if it wasn't for her I think I might have lost my mind during this process.

    I would love to chat with you more about your process and how you are dealing with the wait! My email is phooket@aol.com Our blog is waiting-for-emma.blogspot.com Come by and visit!

    By Blogger T & R McGrath, at 7:36 AM  

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