June Makes Three

Monday, July 10, 2006

Luck Be a Ladybug Tonight

I try not to buy too much into superstitions. Really I don't. But tonight I didn't bother to help myself: I saw this beautiful ladybug making her way round my porch while I was hosing down the flowerbed, and immediately became obsessed with interested in her every move. One moment, I was going about my normal watering routine, trying not to get water all over my socks (but doing it anyway), and the next I was frantically yelling up to the third floor to Mike to bring the camera pronto.

And in the moments that followed, the silent paparazzi that was me followed the ladybug from to porch step to geranium leaf to iron ladybug statue we keep on the porch. (OK, I’ll shamefully admit I coaxed her onto my finger and literally posed her. Is that terrible? Will I be an evil stage mom one day??)

Some of my overly eager optimism probably came from reading the first positive rumor on the adoption wait in a really long time. Could CCAA possibly get through all of July ’05 this month? If so it could finally mean the tides are turning and we could have June home next summer after all.

Ladybug, make it so!


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