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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cora & Marian Keyes = BFF

Today I took a brief diversion from all things adoption, market research and boot camp (although I did have BC this morning). With Mike in tow, I headed to Bryant Park in NYC to see the brilliant Marian Keyes at a book signing. I have loved this Irish author since I discovered her first novel, Watermelon, several years ago. Slowly but surely I've devoured each of her hilarious, poignant and painfully candid chick-lit books and pretty much loved them all. I hate to even use the word "chick-lit" because the label conjures up all sorts of oversimplified post-feminist hoopla. Her characters are always so well-crafted, so complicated and their problems so real, it's hard not to relate. I just love her. (Can you tell?) And when I found out there was a chance to actually meet her I was almost as joyful as Taylor will be when he wins American Idol next week.

Anyway, so she read a bit from her latest novel and then proceeded with the book signing. I nearly jumped in her lap when it was my turn, shamelessly gushing about how I came up from Philly and how I love every syllable she's ever written. She was kind enough to indulge in the love-fest, hugging me and saying how much she appreciated my taking the trip and that when she is having a bad day she'll remember me. If it's the same line she gives to all her devotees, she didn't act like it (and I would have eaten it all up anyway).

If you're a chick, and you enjoy a good, post-Bridget Jones tour of the adventures, joys and calamaties of being a woman, get thyself to the nearest Barnes & Noble and start with Watermelon. My personal faves: Last Chance Saloon and Rachel's Holiday. I'm telling you, she's brilliant.


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