June Makes Three

Monday, May 29, 2006

One More Week

As boot camp draws to a close, little coincidences have been popping up. I try not to analyze these things too much (well, OK I do) - but it seems almost like the signs are telling me that boot camp has been the dawn of a new era. The first interesting bit is that Mike recently signed up for a 5K. A couple days later, Dr. Drill told us that our graduation will BE the same 5K. So Mike and I get to run together. (Truth be told, he'll be sprinting ahead while I am verrrrry sloooowly jogging way behind.) Then he can watch me get my certificate or whatever it is we're getting once I, the caboose, finish up the race.

Maybe that's not a big coincidence, but tell me this one isn't: Dr. Drill is moving into the condo behind ours. We'll be sharing the same courtyard! Pretty scary, huh? If he wanted to root through our trash to see if we're ordering takeout, he could.

Anyway I think it's pretty cool that the guy who's been a positive influence, not just on me but on Mike as well, will be our neighbor. Mike came to Take a Buddy to Boot Camp Day on Friday, and decided to sign up for the next session. We're going to take turns, and keep going for as long as we can. It is hard to believe that boot camp previously never existed, and funny how I came upon it completely by accident. Because it's really opened some doors. The adoption is taking an excruciating amount of time (most recent rumors: 18 months more to wait) and I feel like I am supposed to be using this time to get my act together, health wise. I want to be a healthy mom, as healthy as I can be. Already I feel tons better than I did at the start. I think maybe I'm even starting to look a little better, too, but unlike in the past, I'm trying to focus on the internal, adaptive changes rather than be obsessed so much on dress sizes and my dysfunctional relationship with the scale. It certainly never worked for me in the past!

I think we'll be outdoors for this final week, so I'll snap some pictures.


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