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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sebastian 1993-2007

Sebastian, long-time companion of my mom and one of the first kitties I ever loved, made a surprise departure from our lives today. At 14, he had of course had a good, long life. As recently as Saturday, he seemed as normal as one would expect a cat of his age to be. Then he suddenly showed major signs of distress, lost of a lot of weight, and well, those of you who have loved and lost pets over the years know where it goes from there. We rushed him to the vet this morning, and after learning he had a kidney infection that had completely overwhelmed his body, we said our goodbyes, wiped away the tears, and did what must be done.

As we held him, I glossed over a few favorite memories of life with Sebastian...

The first morning after I took him and his sister Sable home with me, he determinedly roused me at 5AM by pushing his tiny paw across my cheek over and over again. I woke up to the tiniest kitten face and fell in love immediately.

I was once evacuated from an apartment (chemical spill) and I had to sneak my contraband kitties out to my car lest my landlord discover them and kick me out. I'd gotten Sebastian out but the fireman wouldn't let me back in for Sable. Sebastian and I sat in the car and cried together for an hour till she was finally rescued.

When I brought the cats home after college, Sebastian was so disgusted with me for making him ride two hours in the car, he howled in my face and peed himself during the entire trip.

From there, Sebastian became my mom's true baby and I'm sure that she could take over with many more funny, sweet memories.

We will miss you, little boy. I hope you're sticking your head in the fridge in heaven right now, looking for some tasty chicken.


  • I'm so sorry about Sebastian.

    By Blogger a&mg, at 8:21 AM  

  • I am so sorry Cora! I can only imagine your pain!

    Keep those great memories with you forever!


    By Blogger T & R McGrath, at 11:45 AM  

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